The Five Best Kinds of Wax to Use on Your Bronze

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Bronze is a beautiful metal alloy that allows people to perfectly display their accomplishments, and memories of special events or deceased loved ones. Regardless of the type of bronze plaque or award you have in your home or office, it’s important to keep it well waxed. Wax preserves bronze award plaques in Glendale, CA and keeps them looking great.

The initial coat of wax should be applied to your sculpture while it’s still hot—this way, wax can permeate the sculpture’s pores, and totally infiltrate the structure of the bronze. If you’re keeping your bronze outside, you should plan to reapply the wax coating once every three months. If you’re unsure whether you need to reapply wax to your bronze, flick some water onto the plaque or sculpture. If the water doesn’t instantly form separate droplets, it’s time to reapply.

Choosing the right kind of wax to use on your bronze can be a challenge. It may be surprising to learn that not all bronze waxes are created equal. Here are just some of the finest wax polishes available online to use on your bronze plaque or sculpture:

  • Picreator Renaissance Wax Polish: This museum-grade wax polish is perfectly suited for use in preserving a wide range of metals. Picreator-brand wax is commonly used to preserve swords and other edged weapons. This wax offers superior protection, and it deepens the existing finish of your bronze object.
  • Chalk Mountain Furniture Wax: This high-quality wax polish comes in both dark and clear varieties. It’s derived from natural waxes and tree nut oils. Chalk Mountain Furniture Wax provides a high-quality shine, without requiring lots of buffing action. This wax is all natural and easy on the lungs.
  • Gilders Paste Baroque Art – Patina: Gilders Paste waxes are specially formulated for use on metalwork. If you have a bronze plaque that you want to really shine, consider investing in some of their high-quality waxes. If you don’t like the color of the patina finish, they offer several other unique finish options.
  • Gentle Bees Premium Block of Beeswax: If you’re looking to keep things simple, consider investing in Gentle Bees Premium Beeswax. While it will take a bit more effort to apply pure beeswax to your bronze sculpture, there are few things that look as stunning as simple, clean and pure beeswax on your bronze surfaces.
  • Art Alchemy Metallique Wax: This line of products is perfectly suited for use on a number of surfaces, including bronze. Art Alchemy Metallique Wax will add a special sheen to your bronze surfaces. This high-quality product is extremely durable, and comes in a variety of potential finish styles.

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