Letter styles and Artwork

Saxton can produce waterjet-cut metal letters in virtually any letter style using electronic artwork. Waterjet-cut letters have sharp inside corners and more precise details than router-cut or cast metal letters. A wide range of materials and finishes provide numerous design options for dimensional letters.

Letter styles

Unlimited by the range of letter styles, waterjet-cut letters are ideal for complex shapes and curves of custom letter styles.

Other applications for waterjet-cutting may be joined or script letters and pierced logos.

Stencil Cutting

To accommodate backlighting or expose the installation wall, waterjet-cut letters may be cut from the background of a sheet of metal.

Other applications may be:

  • Logos or plaques that require precision joining of two different materials
  • Instrument and control panels with stencil cut shapes and pierced holes.


Letter styles are generated from a digital file. Saxton has access to fonts from the following sources:

  • Corel Draw
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Gerber Graphix Advantage (Standard fonts)

Most any flat-faced letter styles can be waterjet-cut from electronic artwork. Acceptable formats include any TrueType font, a .dxf image saved in outline form, an Adobe Illustrator file saved as curves for either a Mac or a PC. Our most preferred format is CorelDraw in any version for either a Mac or a PC.

Letter Thickness

Standard thicknesses for all materials are:

  • 1/8″ (.125″)
  • 1/4″ (.250″)
  • 3/8″ (.375″)
  • 1/2″ (.50″)

Helpful Hints

  • Generally, waterjet-cut letter styles are not offered under 2″ cap height.
  • If joined or script letters exceed material dimensions (either 36″ x 96″ or 48″ x 96″), determine where the seams will be least obvious.