Donor Recognition Trees

Donor Recognition Trees are perfectly designed products for fund raising and on-going donation programs. (In addition to their easily recognizable feature, which displays the fundraising and donation program, they add a picturesque and inviting foreground to any location where they are installed).

You can display them proudly in Hospitals, Museums, Schools, Universities, Churches and almost anywhere contribution have helped build a strong structure to the facility and its people.

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All Sizes and Designs
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Saxton’s family of recognition trees allows for a wide variety of designs as well as flexibility. Many of these trees may be installed as the base model and added onto as the need for additional recognition increases.

The following designs utilize a full size cast bronze tree trunk or a cutout yellow brass trunk

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A cast bronze recognition tree provides beautiful, quality recognition for donors, stimulates the interest of new donors, and commemorates events. T1 tree with add-on top & sides contains 575 leaves.
Recognition trees have cast bronze or aluminum trunks with engravable brass leaves secured to a clear acrylic sheet. T3 tree with 450 leaves.
Use bronze recognition trees to recognize years of service by employees. T1 tree with 279 leaves.
Names of donors engraved on individual leaves, small and large stones represent different levels of giving. T4 tree with 125 leaves.
This T4 tree with 125 leaves has stones cast in bronze at the base which may also be engraved for recognition.
For 2 levels of giving, combine brass & aluminum leaves. T5 tree with 80 leaves.
To represent 3 levels of giving, this T3 tree accommodates 450 leaves in brass, copper and silver colors.
For a variation on the T4 tree, this T7 tree uses 200 standard brass leaves.
This traditional T1 tree with 279 leaves was customized with wording cast integral with the trunk.
Smaller cast bronze trees can be used for employee recognition or as family trees.
The contemporary cut-out brass trunk enhances a modern decor as shown in this custom tree with brass stones.
Exterior applications may require a custom cast tree. This installation used oversized cast bronze leaves mounted to an aluminum backing.
On exterior trees, the cast bronze leaves are engraved to expose the natural bronze.