Product Specifications

Alumicolor™ is a patent-pending exclusive technology that opens the pores of anodized aluminum, then ‘roughens the walls’ of these pores to enable highly stable dyes to be printed into, not onto, the anodic layer. A special thermochemical sealing process then ‘locks in’ the dyes and the final image possesses remarkable clarity and durability. Images created by the Alumicolor™ process can be spot color or four-color photographic reproductions from photographs, artwork, or any other sources of illustration.

The Alumicolor™ technology has applications limited only by the imagination. From interpretive and way-finding signage for museums, parks and recreation, historic locations, hospitals, school, golf courses, amusement parks and hotels, to public art pieces, permanent barcodes and OEM equipment, Alumicolor™ is simply brilliant.

Basic Specifications

Maximum Print Area – including crop and registration marks per single panel – 48”x36” – large sizes available by ”tiling” panels together and laminating to full size backing plates. There is not a minimum size.

Film – Film positives are used to achieve accurate reproduction required to produce our exceptional clarity. Saxton in-house film production uses the best technology available-but results depend on the quality of the files provided-please read the following art requirements Note: Maximum films size is 48”x36”.

Art Requirements Preferred: High resolution illustrator .PDF files with embedded fonts and crop marks-all blacks 100% black not CMYK. The same applies to spot colors, through virtually all graphic program files on both Mac and PC platforms are supported on our systems. Picture images should be a minimum 300 dpi CMYL at finish size,.tiff files are preferred. Saxton’s graphics department is available for art creation and alteration upon request.

Thickness– 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm and 1.5mm. Thicknesses greater then are achieved by laminating to desired backing plates in aluminum, acrylic, glass, stainless steel or any rigid substrate.

Colors– All halftone graphics down to approximately 8% is achieved. In most instances, spot colors can be matched to the PMS slid coated matching system. Note: Pantone color matching is available.

Corner Radius– From 1/16 inch- 2 inches or larger on request

Holes– Mounting holes suitable for all applications

Waterjet-Cut-Shapes– High-speed, computer controlled waterjet is used to create cut outs for face plates, control panels and shapes other than those with straight edges.

Backing Adhesive (optional)- High-bond, double-sided lamination film can be applied to the rear of your plates for easy installation to clean rigid surfaces.

UV Resistance– Only high-density solid colors are recommended for full sun exposure when printed on an exterior grade sheet (1.00mm thickness only). Photos, tone or pastel graphic require at latest 30% shade cover to perform well outdoors. This can be achieved in most paths Saxton conducted UV testing on Alumicolor™ products. Good results are 1,000 hours.

Anodized Printed Layer– The anodic layer is more than twice the recommended depth for type 11 anodizing. Due to a 1-2 micron variation in the anodized layer from sheet to sheet, a slight variation in color will making each panel unique.

Salt Spray – Saxton is conducted CCT-4 spray testing, which is a society of Automotive Engineers testing procedure, that exposed Alumicolor™ samples to repeated cycles of salt fog (5% sodium chloride solution), 95% relative humidity and dry of at 60 degrees Celsius (140F). Good results are 1,000+hours. Alumicolor™ was not affected after 1,000 ours.

U.S.A – U.S.A Military Specifications A8625 type 11-P4514C-P514D. federal standards P455B type 11.

Chemical Resistance– Solvent Immersion- The image cannot be affected by any solvent. Caustic soda, which can be found in some detergents such as wax strippers and lye soap, is corrosive to aluminum and should be avoided in any form. All multi-colored image have been tested by 700 hours immersion in each of the following:
Kerosene, gasoline, methyl ethyl acetate, ethyl alcohol, oil and grease-with no effect.

Warranty– Alumicolor™ products are warrantied for a period of 10 years from the date of manufacture. The warranty does not cover abuse or vandalism to the product. The warranty extends to purchasers acquiring the product directly from Saxton. Warranty obligation is limited to repair or replacement,, at our option, F.O.B. from any of our repair facilities that we designate.
No other warranty expressed or implied is granted. Saxton is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages associated with use, removal or reinstallation.

Diamond Shield® is registered trademark of and ImageCast™ and the Alumicolor™ logo are trademarks of Matthews Resources,Inc Ailmington DE.