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Saxton Face Mask and Production Line
Saxton’s mask production machine is a fully automatic high-speed flat ear band mask production line with ultrasonic fusion, molding, cutting and other full-process automation.


Saxton’s entire mask production equipment is fully automated with a capacity of 4300 pieces per hour. The entire machine runs under computer PLC programming control with automatic tension control of raw material to ensure that the tension of raw material is balanced.

Saxton’s goal is to save American jobs by increasing our American manufacturing and as such we are proud to announce that our 3-layer, publically usable and disposable masks are 100% manufactured in the United States of America.

We use high quality Melt blown filtering layer with a BFE 95-99% and nonwoven fabric spun bond for the outer and inner material.

Saxton face mask is latex free, EN 149 and CE PPE certified with elastic ear loop and 4mm metallic nose bar. It is skin friendly and protects against particulates and contaminates again with a Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) of greater than 95% .

Top 5 Benefits of Wearing a Face Mask
A slew of new scientific studies confirm the effectiveness of face masks against coronavirus. This is why health experts continuously appeal to the public to wear face coverings as the number of coronavirus cases continues to grow. A number of studies show that masks are a powerful tool that can help to control the spread of the virus. Here are a few reasons why people should wear masks, based on recent research.

Masks protect the wearer

Some studies suggest that cloth facemasks provide protection for the wearer. However, the benefits are most obvious when everyone covers their nose and mouth. The more people block the routes of the virus transmission using a face mask, the less the virus will circulate in the community. This helps to reduce the risk of infection for everyone. When people are able to cut the chain of transmission, the virus will not be able to propagate or even be transmitted. It is without a doubt that face masks play a crucial role in reducing the rate of transmission in a community.

Prevents you from touching your nose and mouth

It is easy to transmit the COVID-19 virus from the surfaces that we touch to our mouth or nose. However, having a fabric barrier covering the face makes it difficult to do so. With continued use of masks, people get used to washing their hands or sanitizing before they remove their masks. A Saxton face mask helps to reduce the risks of transmission given that many people tend to touch various surfaces while at home, at the supermarket, or even at work.


Masks help to protect other people

The main way that coronavirus spreads from one individual to another is through respiratory droplets that are produced when an infected individual talks, coughs, or sneezes. However, the use of facemasks can help to effectively block these droplets. Face coverings act as barrier to prevent virus-containing particles from escaping an infected person and landing on another individual. Without a Covid 19 face mask, droplets can travel more than 8 feet, increasing the chances of transmission. It is indisputable that wearing a mask substantially reduces the chances of transmission.

You may not know that you are contagious

As the pandemic started, masks were only worn by people who had already tested positive for COVID-19 to help protect people around them. However, over time, everyone was urged to wear face marks after it become apparent that pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic people can also transmit the virus. This is important given that more than 40% of infected individuals never develop COVID-19 symptoms. A non-medical face mask comes in handy because it is difficult to determine who is a potential transmitter of the virus. This is why the World Health Organization (WHO) and the CDC recommend wearing of masks even for people who believe they are healthy.

Masks can help the economy to recover

The use of masks by the public can help the economy to recover. This is because public use face mask can serve as a substitute for the total or partial lockdowns that we experienced in March and April. Lockdowns are quite damaging to the economy and if masks offer protection to both the infected and those who are not affected, then people can freely go on with their businesses. Face masks can help to slow the rate of new cases and reduce the impact of the pandemic on the economy.

SAXTON FACE MASK Specifications and Price










SFM0001   Face mask for general public use- 50 pack

Non-medical 3-ply mask
• Layer 1- Spunbonded Polypropylene
• Layer 2- Filtering Layer) Melt Blown Polypropylene
• Layer 3- Spunbonded Polypropylene
Ear Loops- Elastic: Polyester/Spandex
Latex Free
Metallic Nose Bar-4mm
BFE> 95%
EN 149 Certified
CE PPE Certified
Disposable- Not for medical use
Min Order: 10 Boxes (500 pieces)
Price: $20 per box of 50 masks
Terms & Conditions: GSA Terms
Made in the United States of America
Manufacturer: Saxton Industrial, Inc.
Ordering Address: Order@saxtonindustrial.com
1736 Standard Ave, Glendale, CA 91201
To be determined based on the size of the order

How To Order :

Email: order@saxtonbronze.com
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