Cast Letters Gallery

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Saxton’s cast bronze, aluminum and brass letters are available in standard and custom styles.
31 standard letter styles cover a wide range of fonts for economy and ease of ordering.
Custom styles from your artwork create unique images, logs and stylized graphics.
Prismatic and round-faced letter styles give a special elegance to polished bronze.
Create outline or joined script letters with satin borders and painted background.
Some logotypes lend themselves to multi-level castings, complete with textured surfaces.
Letters can be cast to a greater depth than cut out letters for extra impact at an economical price.
Cast metal letters retain their beauty longer than plastic or foam letters.
Cast metal letters identify and enhance building entrances.
Use cast metal letters for architectural areas to present a prestigious image.
Create a professional identity with cast bronze letters for company and personnel directories.
Use cast bronze letters for a lasting legacy to honor donors.
Combine small cast letters with other sign materials to complement interior design.
Incorporate cast metal letters as part of a recognition project to proclaim the theme.
Cast metal letters are available as small as 3/8″ in standard styles.
Combine cast bronze letters with a large bronze logo for a dramatic first impression!