Cast ADA Signs

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) is the short title of United States Public Law 101-336, 104 Stat. 327 (July 26, 1990), codified at 42 U.S.C. § 12101 et seq., and signed into law on July 26, 1990.

Since then many additions and modification have been made in order to provide the necessary assistance to the disabled and to help educate the public.

A large segment of these are the many different types of signage specifically designed, which consist of codes and requirements that need to be followed and applied when manufacturing ADA signage.

At Saxton we are ready to help assist you with your ADA signage projects, so please feel free to browse the ADA Sign Gallery to get some ideas about what type of signs you may require.

Please note: Saxton can provide cast ADA metal signs, plastic ADA signs and a combination of metal and plastic ADA signs. Please ask our Architectural Signage Coordinators about the different options.


Letter style
The letter style on all standard designs is Helvetica Regular. Braille copy conforms to Grade 2 Braille. Alternate letter styles may be specified on custom ADA signs, but restrictions on styles do apply in meeting ADA specifications.

All copy (standard lettering and Grade 2 Braille) and border are raised .100″ from background. The symbols depicted on ADA signs meet D.O.T. standards.

Cast Aluminum
Cast from Aluminum Association Alloy Designation C443.2

Cast Bronze
Equivalent to Copper Development Association Alloy C92200; 88% copper, 6% tin,4% zinc,2% lead

Raised Areas
All raised lettering, symbols and borders on standard ADA signs receive a brushed satin finish. The raised Grade 2 Braille is painted to match the background. Raised areas may be painted with a color which contrasts with the background color upon request.

Background Colors
The backgrounds (including Braille copy) of all standard cast ADA signs may be painted any of the following colors:

Dark Oxide Stain

Metallic Gray


Dark Green

M28 Dark Blue

Protective Coating
To conform with ADA guidelines on non-glare finishes, all Saxon’s cast ADA signs are protected with a non-glare satin finish lacquer protective coating.

Standard Designs


Saxton has a developed standard pattern for the most commonly requested symbols and messages. Custom cast plaques with Grade 2 Braille may be provided to meet virtually any requirement.

Size: 6″ x 8″
Usage: Accessible
Style #: 100

Size: 6″ x 8″
Usage: Directional
Style #: 101

Size: 6″ x 8″
Usage: Directional
Style #: 102

Size: 6″ x 8″
Usage: Men
Style #: 104

Size: 6″ x 8″
Usage: Woman
Style #: 105