Waterjet Cut Letters

Waterjet Cut Letters provide a great visual, stand-out appeal for both interior and exterior usage. Similar to Cast Letter, the difference is that Waterjet Cut Letters are flat, making them the more economical choice for certain simple applications.
Using our 5-Axis Robotic Waterjet and the availability to use any of our several milling machines including our most recent addition of a brand new 4-Axis milling machine, we can accommodate your requirements.

Choose from Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Muntz Metal or Stainless Steel.

The distinctions consist of different finishes, such as satin or polished, they can be painted in over 16 types of colors, they can be anodized or oxidized and with the application of the protective clear coating their durability and long lasting aspects make them a great choice.

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Specifications for the surface finish of cast letters are identical for waterjet-cut letters. The letter returns (edges) for cast letters are ground and sandblasted. The edges for waterjet-cut letters have a fine matte finish.

Clear Coatings
Protective clear coatings are used on all metals except for stainless steel and Alloy 2024 polished aluminum. Coatings are available in gloss or semi-gloss.

Specify Interior or exterior installation. Coatings for exterior installation are polyurethane-based.

Brass, Bronze, Copper & Muntz Metal Finishes

Natural metal color with a brushed surface. Meets NAAMM finish designation M42-M33-C11-060. Specify vertical or horizontal grain on waterjet-cut letters.

Natural metal color, sanded with successively finer abrasives and then buffed to a bright polished surface essentially free of grit lines caused by preliminary operations. Meets NAAMM finish designation M42-M22-C10-060.