Background Textures

All plaques provided by Saxton are manufactured with a background texture. When none is specified, leatherette will be used.


(limited to 30″ x 40″)



Helpful Hints

  • In addition to the background textures shown, custom textures can be provided at additional cost. Not all textures are suitable, however, so please consult with us prior to proceeding. Depending on the texture, we would require either the actual textured material in an appropriate size, or black & white artwork.
  • Background textures are provided not only to provide a decorative design element, but also to disguise background imperfections inherent in the sand-casting process. Thus, we do not recommend a “no texture” (or sand finish) and do not warrant this texture if specified.
  • Currently, the largest material our background textures are available in is 30″ x 40″. Consequently, all plaques exceeding this size will have a seam in the background texture. (The plaque itself is not seamed, only the texture.) These seams are disguised during the production process by our craftsmen, but may be visible on the final product. Because of the design regularity of pebbled texture, seams on plaques with pebbled texture cannot be hidden. Therefore, we do not provide plaques larger than 30″ x 40″ with pebbled texture.