Background Colors


The background of most cast plaques is painted to provide a pleasing contrast to the highlighted areas. Both cast bronze and aluminum plaques may be painted with standard or optional (extra cost) finishes pictured below. Custom-matched painted colors can also be provided. Additionally, natural chemical patinas and simulated painted patinas are available on bronze plaques.

Standard Painted Colors

Light Oxide Stain

Dark Oxide Stain

Dark Green

Natural Sandblast (Bronze)

Natural Sandblast (Aluminum)

Metallic Gray


M38 Green

M102 Orange

M107 Red

M115 Dark Red

M118 Maroon

M40 Golden Bronze

M71 Cream

M58 Ivory

M65 Beige

M20 Light Blue

M25 Medium Blue

Dark Blue

M70 Dark Brown

M5 Light Grey

M8 Medium Grey

M9 Dark Grey

Hand Rubbed Finishes (optional)

(on Bronze)

(on aluminum)

Simulated Patina Colors (optional)

Chemical Patina Finishes (optional)
The patina finishes are created by applying chemicals and heat to the bronze surfaces. Once the desired color is achieved, the raised areas are highlighted and a clear protective coating is applied to inhibit further chemical reaction.

Helpful Hints

  • We can match virtually any painted color from a sample provided or from a numerical color matching system (for example, the Pantone Matching System).
  • Colors may vary slightly from batch to batch. In addition, background colors will change over time due to exposure to light and the environment.
  • Chemical patina finishes will vary from piece to piece, and uniform colors over large surface areas cannot be controlled. The color may vary from the pictured swatches and the color will change over time on plaques installed outdoors.