Best Practices for Creating Retail Signage

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Signage has become an ever-present part of the shopping experience for people across the world. Signage not only helps businesses develop a brand image, but it also helps provide information about promotions, navigation and more. Just about every retail business, regardless of how much revenue it brings in or the size of the company, will have some need for visual aids and content in its storefront.

Obviously, signage has evolved quite a bit over time, and a business’s own signage needs can also change. Therefore, it’s important to follow some best practices for custom bronze plaques in Glendale, CA and other signage options when looking for retail signs.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your retail signage:

  • Have a plan: To make your signage as cost-effective as possible, it’s a good idea to plan out exactly what you need in advance. The objective of this strategic plan should be to increase sales and bring more traffic into your business. Make room for design, fabrication, management, setup and maintenance in your budget.
  • Make sure your branding is clear: Retail signs should be highly representative of your organization and include elements such as your company’s logo, colors or slogans. It can also include information like your website or promotional events, as well as any other information consistent with other marketing campaigns you have going on, depending on what the sign will be used for. Make sure your retail signage all flows together consistently—the colors, fonts, images and logos should all look like they belong together so you provide your customers with a clear, consistent brand experience.
  • Make the information easy to disseminate: One of the most important elements of business signage is the ability to understand the message. A person should be able to quickly glance at your signage and get all the information you want them to get—otherwise the sign simply is not going to be effective. This means your fonts should be uncomplicated and easy to read, the colors and images should flow well together, and any diagrams or backgrounds you have should be as uncomplicated as possible.
  • Know the content you need to communicate: Considering how important it is to make signage that has information you can glean with a simple glance, you should also spend some time as a company figuring out which information is of the highest priority to place in this signage. Having too much information will prevent customers from knowing what is important for them to take away. Focus on having just one important message for each sign.
  • Choose pictures or icons that make sense: Your signage will not be effective if you do not use sensible images or icons. The images should help deliver the message—it’s not enough to just have a picture with text overlaid on top. The two need to relate to each other.

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