Choosing the Right Award for a Veteran: Info About Custom Bronze Plaques in Glendale, CA

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Deciding to commission custom military plaques and seals is a wonderful way to pay special tribute to our country’s fallen heroes. They are also a heartwarming gesture to remember comrades who are no longer here with us, and an honor to present to veterans. The most common material used for such honors is shaped and customized bronze. There is more than one way to use cast bronze plaques—as awards, contributions to memorials or dedications for a military building, wing, ship or vehicle.

Are you considering having awards made for members of the United States Armed Forces? Here’s some information about personal and custom bronze plaques in Glendale, CA and how they can be used to honor military veterans.

Bronze plaques

Many of us personally know a military serviceman or servicewoman, such as a family member, friend, neighbor or coworker. In honor of their service and dedication to our country, you might want to think about giving them a memorable gift like a custom bronze plaque.

You don’t have to wait until Christmas or their birthday to give it to them. Presenting an award to a military veteran or active duty serviceperson anytime shows just how much you appreciate what they do. Another way to give a plaque is by sending it to them in a care package (if the soldier is on active duty). For a truly special surprise, have a bronze plaque ready to present upon their next homecoming after being on tour. Bronze plaques also make great gifts to honor an entire group, troop or department—you can have everyone’s name and rank mounted together on the plaque.

Gifting a bronze plaque is the perfect way to show your appreciation, because it will last a long time and it’s something they can look at from time to time. At Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage, we are proud to offer a list of customizable options you can choose from to ensure that your gift represents the individual serviceperson receiving it.

Military seals

Another option to give as awards to veterans and soldiers is military seals. These types of seals, like those made by Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage, can be presented to people as individual pieces or added to a bronze plaque. Seals are a strong representation of their military service, and the goal is for service members to understand that people care and appreciate all that they do or have done for their country.

Our company creates standard military seals for the different branches of the military—the Air Force, Navy, Marines, Army and Coast Guard—which are 2 7/8” in diameter and 3/16” thick. We cast our seals in an antique bronze finish, as it looks distinguished and honorable. Should you wish to install a custom seal on a plaque, wall, urn, mausoleum or other surface, know that our seals can be welded for just such purposes. Don’t forget to ask us about all our custom size and casting options!

Contact Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage today to learn more about custom bronze plaques in Glendale, CA!

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