What Is Waterjet Cutting, and What Are the Benefits of This Technology?

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Many individuals and industries rely on waterjet cutting services to cut, shape and form a variety of materials for projects and fabrication. Should you be taking advantage of this type of cutting technology?

The basics of waterjet cutting

You may have heard someone use the term “waterjet cutting” in passing, but what is it? Let’s say that you are working a project—be it artwork, commercial signage, trophies or something else—and you need materials cut to specific dimensions. Precise or delicate cuts cannot be done with common cutting tools. To prevent ruining your project, your best bet is to seek out a waterjet cutting service. Professional waterjet cutters provide a quick and efficient way to shape and size materials to your exact specifications.

Additionally, this popular cutting method is hailed as an affordable and customizable material shaping option that comes with many advantages. Look into a company that offers this service should you need a product like outdoor business signs or individual letter cutouts.

Benefits of waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting offers a variety of benefits. Three of the biggest include:

  • Versatility: One of the top advantages of waterjet cutting tools is that they are able to cut through a variety of different materials with relative ease, including plastic, metal, tile, glass, wood, stone and rubber. At Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage, we specialize in metal and offer high-quality metal waterjet cut letters in Glendale, CA. Waterjet technology cuts fast and right using a high-pressure water stream, and if the job is done by a professional, you won’t need to finish or smooth shaped materials.
  • Precision: Waterjet cutting has the ability to transform materials into countless shapes and sizes. Thanks to this advanced technology, a professional cutting system can cut with precision in a variety of directions as well as close to edges and in the center of most materials. This means you can even get extremely accurate cuts for complicated materials or project designs.
  • Eco-friendliness: If you are looking for a cutting process that produces little waste material, then waterjet cutting is for you! The water that’s used throughout the cutting process can be recycled, and very little to no dust is created during cutting. Furthermore, waterjet cutting systems do not release unhealthy particles or fumes into the air.

Our waterjet cutting service

Here at Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage, we offer a number of metal products that vary in design and materials. For example, we can create great-looking waterjet cut letters in Glendale, CA. Our letters can be used inside and outside to add visuals and appeal to your home or business. If you are familiar with cast letters, waterjet cut letters are similar, but are made flat to offer a more economical choice for some simple applications. Choose from aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, brass, copper or Muntz metal for your letters, and select a gloss or semi-gloss protective coating.

For more information about acquiring quality waterjet cut letters in Glendale, CA, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage. We can walk you through the types of metals we offer and accommodate all your cutting requirements!

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