When and How to Award Service Plaques to Great Employees

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Truly great employees can be hard to come by in any industry. They consistently rise to the challenge and strive to advance the vision and success of your company—and they deserve recognition for all their hard work.

One way you can convey your appreciation for such an employee is through an employee recognition program, and this includes a physical representation of these sentiments. More specifically, award plaques in Glendale, CA can help you honor employees and help them continue to find pride in their work.

Why should you consider a service award?

There are many reasons why a service award can be a great choice for your top employees. Here are just a few:

  • They recognize long lengths of service: Many employees hit important milestones, such as five, 10 or 20 years with the company, which is no small feat! Some employers are even starting to recognize one full year as qualifying for an award, but the choice is yours. Giving them a plaque helps solidify and recognize this achievement.
  • Service awards can have a wonderful physical representation: Verbal accolades are nice, but unique and beautiful award plaques in Glendale, CA will last for many years to come. In addition to thanking your faithful employee in person, giving them a physical plaque as part of the service award makes it that much more special.
  • A service award plaque promotes better business: When you give your employees service awards that are coupled with a plaque, this plaque can be hung in their office, for all to see. Not only does this keep them motivated to continue doing their best work, but it’s also a great way of showing potential customers and clients who visit their office that the company has great employees and recognizes their achievements.

Award specific accomplishments

If you have an employee who is offering a good contribution to the company but hasn’t hit any important milestones, you might still want to consider giving them a service award. Perhaps they helped you secure a high-profile client, or earned the top sales record for the quarter or year. Maybe they’ve done a lot of great PR or community service that highlights the best in your organization. Whatever the reason, letting these employees know that they are valued by giving them award plaques in Glendale, CA can be a strong motivator and a great morale boost.

A service award is a company celebration

A service award is not only a joyful time for your employees, but also for you as a business owner or representative. By giving and hanging award plaques in Glendale, CA, you are celebrating your ability to retain employees because of what you have to offer—things like competitive pay, friendly coworkers, dedicated management and a great work environment. You are able to identify, attract and keep good employees, which will continue to build your reputation—especially if customers can see physical proof of your value.

When you’re ready to give a service award to a good employee, give Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage a call. We’ll help you create the best award plaques in Glendale, CA for any occasion.

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