Mounting Donor Recognition Trees

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Donor recognition or memorial trees can be a great way to remember a wide array of individuals or families who were special to you, or to honor an individual or family who contributed their time or resources to your organization. Commemorative trees and donor recognition trees in Glendale, CA are some of the most beautiful and lively ways to observe your respect for those who have helped your organization thrive! Learning how to mount one of these inclusive commemorative objects is a great way to enhance your group’s space.

Reasons to install a donor recognition tree

Installing donor recognition trees in Glendale, CA is a great way to show those who have given financially or otherwise to your organization that their contribution matters. Additionally, it may spur on further giving from first-time donors. If they understand how much their contributions of time and or resources mean to your group, they may be more likely to want to donate.

Additionally, donor recognition trees can be aesthetically pleasing additions to your space that tell the story of your organization in an effective and unobtrusive manner. You can share the history of your organization’s supporters without ever having to actually say a word. Donor recognition trees in Glendale, CA are one of the most desirable types of commemorative plaques for that reason.

Donor recognition trees in Glendale, CA are typically composed of a large bronze “trunk” that is mounted to the wall, accompanied by several branches and leaves, which will often represent the individuals or families you are hoping to honor with the tree’s installation. One of the most beneficial aspects of a donor recognition tree is that you can add to it as your donor base grows and expands throughout the years.

How to mount your tree

Mounting your donor recognition tree without damaging your wall can be a challenging task. Working with a qualified bronze signage producer that provides the hardware necessary for wall installation will make this process substantially easier for you.

Once you have received the trunk of your tree, you will want to begin the installation process by using a paper template to drill holes in appropriate places in the wall. Once the holes are complete, you will want to ensure that the concealed and threaded studs included with your bronze tree trunk are properly installed. If they are, you will fill up the drilled holes with some kind of liquid sealant, and insert the trunk’s studs into the holes. Make sure that it is evenly installed by gently tapping it into position using a rubber hammer.

Since 1947, Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage has been providing some of the most high-quality donor recognition trees in Glendale, CA. You can rely on our talented and dedicated teammates to provide you with the best and most well-produced commemorative plaques and trees in the region. We are known for our precise attention to detail. We will work with you extensively to deliver a donor recognition tree that fully and completely meets your expectations. Contact us today to learn more!

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