Mounting Cast ADA Signs in Glendale, CA: Some Tips from the Experts

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Installing new ADA signs is an important part of maintaining your business. They are required by the government to provide every potential customers or employees with the same opportunities for accessing products, services and facilities. Under the guidelines established by the Americans with Disabilities Act, certain signage must be provided to show guests where accessible restrooms, exits, parking spots, handicap ramps and other facilities are located within your building. Other ADA signs show handicapped people where they can go to move easily throughout the building, such as an accessible entrance or elevator. Finally, all signs must have tactile letters and high contrast for those with visual impairment.

Failing to follow these established guidelines can result in steep fines for non-compliance, in addition to an order to follow the rules within a designated time period. This means you could end up shelling out more than it would have initially cost for the signs, since you will have to pay the fine in addition to the price of the new signage.

Luckily, installing cast ADA signs in Glendale, CA is a breeze with the help of the team at Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage. Read on to learn more about the different ADA signs we can make, and the best techniques for mounting them.

Signage options

At Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage, we specialize in crafting high quality custom signage made out of sturdy materials. Each sign is cut to shape before the edges and surface are finished and coated for protection. All Braille signs also meet ADA standards with a combination of text and raised tactile graphics. Our ADA signage options include restroom door signs for both men and women featuring an image indicating it is also suitable for the disabled, in addition to room identifications, guidance to elevators and directions for emergency situations.

Recommended mounting method

No installation project is too challenging for us. We offer a variety of different mounting methods to fit any space, surface or aesthetic. Here are a few of the most common mounting options we offer include:

  • Drill and tap: All of our standard cast signs are flat backed, which makes for an incredibly clean installation. The plaques are drilled, tapped and then finished off with threaded studs. This installation technique is permanent and very durable.
  • Double-faced tape: This is another option suitable for most cast ADA signs in Glendale, CA. The strips of double-faced tape are applied to the back of the sign before being pressed directly onto the designated surface. An adhesive, such as silicone, can also be used between the strips of tapes for added security.
  • Drill through face: The drill through face method is another option offering extreme durability. Holes are drilled through the face of the sign in each corner. Then, the wood screws or toggle bolts are placed through the holes and drilled into the surface for optimal security.

Complying with ADA signage standards doesn’t have to be difficult with the help of the professionals at Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage. We’ll work with you to design cast ADA signs in Glendale, CA that will meet the needs of both you and your customers. Call us today to learn more!

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