Recognize Your Generous Donors with a Custom Natural Wood Donor Tree

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Donations and fundraising gifts are crucial parts of many organizations and businesses. These donations help fund special projects, build expansions and hire additional staff to grow your company. Because these gifts are so significant, you want to show your appreciation for your donors’ generosity.

To recognize those individuals, families or organizations who help your business grow, consider installing a donor tree in the main lobby of your office or building. Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage knows the value of your donors and can create beautiful custom donor recognition trees in Glendale, CA to help you show your appreciation!

Try one of our custom donor recognition trees

We offer multiple options for donor trees. Historically, we’ve offered donor trees made of cast bronze or yellow brass, customized to your specifications to make the tree fit perfectly within your space.

Our newest additions to the Saxton Bronze donor tree family are our custom natural wood donor trees. The trunks of these natural wood donor trees are carved from natural mahogany wood, cut to various thicknesses and offered in multiple sizes to better match your desired tree shape. The color of the trunk is up to your preference.

The tops of our custom donor recognition trees are made from clear or colored acrylic sheets and can be cut to the design and size you desire. You can choose from brass, copper or nickel silver-colored leaves, choose one color, or use different colors to recognize different levels of donations! Our donor recognition trees can support between 35 and 450 leaves, all of which can be engraved yourself or sent in to be engraved at Saxton Bronze.

You won’t find more beautiful and durable custom donor recognition trees in Glendale, CA! We at Saxton Bronze know how important these trees are to your organization, your donors and your potential fundraising efforts, and we create the highest-quality products possible to meet your needs.

Things to consider for custom donor recognition trees

When you’re thinking about purchasing a donor recognition tree, there are a few things you should think about before going through the design process:

  • Location: Consider where you’ll want to place your donor recognition tree. Our custom natural wood donor trees are meant for indoor purposes only. You’ll likely want to place the tree in a location the public sees most often, like a front lobby or main office area.
  • Size: The size of your tree should be able to accommodate the number of donors you want to honor. If the donation period is over, gather the number of donor names you want to show to determine the size of the treetop and number of leaves you’ll need. If the donation phase is ongoing, consider getting a larger tree so you can add to it over time.
  • Purpose: Are you trying to highlight donors at all levels, or do you want to give special recognition for certain donation amounts? Using different colored leaves can showcase varying levels of donations, as can multiple trees of differing sizes.

If you’re not feeling particularly artistic or are unsure of what tree design will best fit your needs, rely on our consultation and design services to create the perfect tree for your organization! For more information on our custom donor recognition trees in Glendale, CA, call Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage or visit our website.

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