Benefits of Cast and Waterjet Cut Letters and Logos

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When it comes to adorning the exterior of your building with a sign for your company or decorating the interior of your office with logos and signs, using cast or waterjet cut letters is a great choice. We at Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage pride ourselves on providing clients with the highest quality customized letters and logos to be displayed for their organization.

You may be wondering, “What is the difference between cast and waterjet cut letters and logos, and why should I consider them for my building or project?” To put it simply, both types of letters or logos can be used to provide an elegant visual appeal that stands apart from basic signs or painted walls. Our custom cast or waterjet cut letters in Glendale, CA can bring attention to your building or project, improve the look on the interior of your building and even draw more attention to internal fixtures such as cast ADA signs.

Cast letters

Our custom cast letters are made using sand molds with raw aluminum or bronze ingot alloys in Saxton Bronze’s foundry. Cast letters can be made in varying thicknesses and in a wide variety of sizes. We can create small letters to add to cast ADA signs or large, bold letters to announce your company name on the side of your building.

Here are some of the benefits of ordering cast letters:

  • Textured surfaces and styles: Cast letters can have multiple levels and utilize prismatic or round-faced letter styles and textures, adding visual appeal and depth that two-dimensional signs cannot.
  • Variety of depths and sizes: We can cast letters at greater depths than cutout letters, allowing for a more dramatic, standout effect. The variety of sizes available means that we can make cast letters for almost anything.
  • Highly customizable: Cast letters originate from digital files, which gives you the ability to customize your letter style, font choices and logo design.
  • Long lasting: Cast letters last much longer than plastic or foam letters do, which makes them even better for external use.

Waterjet cut letters

Waterjet cut letters and logos are created using a fine, high-pressure stream of water containing abrasive materials. Saxton Bronze creates these letters and logos from aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, Muntz metal or stainless steel, all of which can have a satin or polished finish.

Here are some of the benefits of ordering waterjet cut letters:

  • Simple application: Waterjet cut letters are cut flat, making application much easier to many types of surfaces.
  • Highly customizable: We can cut letters and logos of all shapes, sizes and designs due to waterjet cutting’s precise detailing abilities. Additionally, you have your choice of two finishes or sixteen paint colors!
  • Durable: With a protective clear coating, our waterjet cut letters and logos are durable and long lasting—a necessary quality if the letters will be exposed to the elements.

For more information about high-quality custom cast or waterjet cut letters and logos, call Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage. We’re the experts in designing and manufacturing custom plaques, letters and cast ADA signs in Glendale, CA. Visit our website to see what we can do for you!

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