Bringing Your Vision to Life with Bronze Signage

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Custom products give you the ability to see your creative vision translated into a physical piece. At Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage, we work with each of our customers to provide them with a custom product that fits their exact needs and specifications. There are many different applications for bronze signage. It offers longevity, durability and aesthetic appeal that creates the perfect commemoration, remembrance or piece of identification. Each of the products that our team at Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage creates is made with our customers in mind. Everyone has a different vision for their signs; below are just a few of the different types of signage we can create:

  • Military plaques: Honoring veterans and military service members is important, and showing respect with custom bronze signage is a wonderful way to do just that. Bronze signage that details the service and rank of a veteran or military service member who has passed away can be a wonderful remembrance for family and friends who want to respect their loved one and remember their sacrifice.
  • Dedication plaques: When an individual, business or estate donates money to fund a public work or charitable cause, a dedication plaque can provide a meaningful acknowledgement of their contribution. Bronze signage is a great choice since it is durable, long-lasting and resistant to the elements. You can place the dedication plaque in a park, on a bench or on an outdoor sculpture or statue.
  • Business signs: Making your business stand out is one of the most important concepts of basic marketing, and a bronze business sign can help you do just that. Metal cast business signs look sleek, professional and aesthetically appealing. When you invest in a high-quality sign, people will notice!
  • Memorial plaques: Memorial plaques are a way to show remembrance of a loved one who has passed away. They can include names, dates and even a little bit of background, history or other notable information about the deceased. Maybe you’d like to add a poetic quote or a favorite memory. With custom bronze signage, you can be creative and design something amazing to honor your loved one.
  • Portraits: Professional bronze casters can create a plaque that incorporates a portrait or bust. This can be used for a number of applications, including memorial plaques, plaques that honor service members or plaques that feature a historical figure.

No matter what your vision is, our team at Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage is here to help bring it to life. We strive to provide each and every one of our customers with the piece that they have been envisioning. Your original concepts will take shape with our expertise, as we specialize in custom-made orders. We will transform your ideas into actuality! Our on-staff technicians, engineers, artwork specialists and architectural signage coordinators are available to assist you with design and cost-saving suggestions. We can accommodate your needs, from the single prototype to high volume runs. Call us today to begin working with our team to bring your vision to life.

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