Introducing Full Color Metal Imaging in Glendale, CA

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Full color metal imaging in Glendale, CA is now available through Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage. If you want name, directional and branding signs that really get noticed, metal imaging is your best choice. You not only enjoy pleasing aesthetics and practical use, but also durability, since these signs stand up to elements both natural and human-made. Here are five benefits to choosing full color metal imaging for your outdoor signs:

  • Quality: This technique produces high-resolution full-color photographic quality. If you wish to recreate a photograph, art piece or vivid pattern on a larger canvas, our imaging methods will not disappoint you. It is literally giving your images new life as they perform their practical duties. You’ll find our signs used by public transportation entities, libraries, distinguished architectural sites and parks, so you can rest assured that many clients are impressed by the quality.
  • Weather resistant: Do not let the bright and colorful presentation fool you. These signs are corrosion resistant, UV stable, weather resistant and physically durable. No matter what the weather throws at them with intense sun, heat, rain or wind, your sign will look as beautiful as the day you installed it. Each sign has a powder coated base to protect its quality for the long term. If you need sign repairs, all you need to do is call us and we will take care of it.
  • Graffiti proof: Perhaps it is not nature that concerns you, but the errant street artist who sees your sign as their personal outdoor canvas. While you may arrive to your site to see graffiti on your sign, do not panic. Thanks to surface treatments, spray paint and permanent markers wash right off with a graffiti removal product. There are no long scrubbing efforts or expenses incurred from replacing the signs. Removing graffiti is no more difficult than cleaning a dry erase board.
  • Useful: Wherever people need guidance, our signs are appropriate. Full color metal imaging creates street, product branding, right of way and informational signs. We make permanent signs and temporary ones that you might only need to use for annual events. Signs may also serve no purpose other than to feature in POP displays or decoration. No matter your reasons for needing a noticeable and high-quality sign, full color metal imaging will likely work for you.
  • Cost effective: Despite their striking appearance and long-lasting durability, these signs do not cost as much as you might imagine. Also consider that, since they resist many elements, you will not absorb the replacement costs that may incur from other types of signage. When you consider the foot traffic on public transportation stops and the number of visitors to parks and beaches, these places really need signs that last. If full color metal imaging serves them so well, imagine what it can do for you!

To take advantage of full color metal imaging in Glendale, CA, contact Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage today. We guide you through every step from design to production to provide you with ideal plaques and signs.

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