ImageCast: When Photos Meet Cast Bronze Plaques

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Celebrating someone’s accomplishments deserves a well thought out and high quality gift. Some of the most respected gifts that you can give someone are professionally fabricated cast bronze plaque, and with ImageCast, you can combine a photograph and bronze to gift something that is both elegant and inspirational.

How ImageCast works

Using a patent-pending process, the team at Saxon Bronze Architectural Signage is able to transform your photographs into top-quality, highly detailed images on a bronze or aluminum plaque. No matter the size, shape or color, our artists can create layouts that are then cast onto the item of your choosing, and then finished off with an antique finish and an exclusive Diamond Shield® Protective Coating to ensure that the allure of the metal is safeguarded.

With several different customization options, you can create a prestigious look that has a personalized touch for any plaque, award or trophy that will be a true display of honor and recognition. ImageCast technology can also reproduce different textures to add even more variation to your piece. This option is great if you are trying to blend your piece with an installation site, as it allows you to achieve a layered, elegant look, such as stucco or grass cloth.

What type of image do I need?

To make sure that we are able to recreate your image in just the way you want it, there are some guidelines to help you select the best type of image to use. Make sure that you choose a high-resolution image that is sharp and clear with minimal pixilation, with an actual size of between 72 and 300 dpi. The gradients of your image should also be smooth and continuous, with good color balance. Sticking to these requirements will help us create the best bronzed image possible, presenting you with a finished product that both you and the recipient will be truly pleased with. All you have to do it submit your images, tell us what you need and we will handle the rest.

ImageCast options

One of the ImageCast options available to you is the Legacy Series, which isolates the desired text and the image. Your image will be cast on bronze, and you will be able to select either a standard or customized background for the isolated text area. If you want to take your plaque to the next level, you could also consider the Collage Series. This type of plaque blends the text and your photograph into one cohesive image, with the inscription going directly onto the imaged area.

Commemorating donors at universities and health care facilities or designating military institutions, national parks and historic neighborhoods are all great opportunities to put ImageCast plaques to use. Here at Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage, we are excited to help make your photos come to life, and with ImageCast technology, we can do that in a truly special way. Give us a call to learn more about the process and get started today. We look forward to assisting you!

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