Four Artwork Guidelines for Our Cast Bronze Plaques in Glendale, CA

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At Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage, our cast bronze plaques in Glendale, CA stand out because we adhere to strict artistic guidelines. These assure your signs are easier to read and make a good first impression. We apply these standards to every order so you can rest assured your plaque will meet all our condition standards and exceed your expectations. Here are four guidelines we apply to every bronze plaque and sign:

  • Good design software: The magic of sign and plaque creation in the 21st century is the software. Once, this was a painful process involving drawing and measuring, but now we can design our products with imagination, experience and a few mouse clicks. We use vector graphics programs to create plans for signs. The working files start in .ai, .eps or .cdr format, and once finished, we convert them to a PDF for your review. This allows you to see many possible designs before deciding on the one that will fit best in your building. It also allows for easy adjustments if you decide to add a new element or adjust one that you do not particularly like.
  • Reasonable font size: There is no purpose to your plaque if no one can read it. The letters A, B and P are easily confused at a distance if you do not use the right font or size. Therefore, we never use a type smaller than one-quarter inch high for upper or lower case. If you order a smaller nameplate—six by two inches, for example—we use all upper-case letters so we meet the one-quarter inch standard.
  • Line and letter spacing: Font size is helpful, but if letters and lines crowd together, you end up with an attractive appearance that is also difficult to read. All our text elements have breathing space. For example, if we use Corel Draw Version 5.0 to design your plaque and set the font to Times New Roman, we space the letters at 20 percent, words at 120 percent and lines at 130 percent. There are different standards for each font, but our experts know how to make it work no matter the size of your plaque. You will see this difference when you review the first designs before production.
  • Line width: The space between the lines is important and must be considered with line width. Text and blank lines are usually the same size with adjustments for graphics and paragraph. The larger the text, the more line spacing is necessary. Our minimum line width is one-sixteenth of an inch on each side. Some lines may taper to zero, but our design experts will make up for it with aesthetic adjustments. In most cases, we prefer to stick to the one-sixteenth inch standards so plaques and signs do not appear crowded.

You will not be disappointed by cast bronze plaques in Glendale, CA created by Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage. Contact us today to start your order and see how our artwork guidelines result in excellent products.

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