Donor Recognition Trees Also Become Heritage Trees

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You’ve likely noticed donor recognition trees in your favorite non-profit. These customized works of art make a striking presentation for recognizing those who support projects or causes. The donor recognition tree design also works for other applications, including one very personal one. A new product, “MyHeriTree,” takes the same form from the donor tree to create an actual family tree. This unique way to display your heritage is now available to order. Here is what you will enjoy about the MyHeriTree:

  • Attractive presentation: After months of researching on and taking DNA tests to track your ethnic lineage, it would be nice if that information was not limited to file folders or digital files. Many times, family history is documented on Excel charts or in a written format with lots of corrections, and it is not exactly a piece for display. With family information accessible on the Internet, it is easy to create a complete physical family tree to display in your living room. The result is a piece of artwork with great personal significance that goes beyond merely decorating your home.
  • Expandable: More old records become digitized every day, and you may discover more ancient relatives! If information that gives names to great-great-great-grandparents, you can include them even if your tree is finished. We can leave blank leaves so you can add names later, or you can order additional leaves as you finish research. As blank branches slowly become named ones, you will enjoy a physical manifestation of your research. Even when the tree is complete, you can still order engraved leaves as your research reveals new family members.
  • Durable materials: MyHeriTree is not made from cheap materials. The trunk is natural wood, and the leaves and stones you use for names are made of cast bronze. You can choose an antiqued finish to give the impression of the history the tree represents. We also add sealers and preservatives so the engraving and appearance last longer. Not only will this make an attractive piece for your home, but it is also durable enough to last for generations.
  • Customized approach: Just as no two families are the same, every MyHeriTree is different. Obviously, names are different with every tree, but so is design, whether you prefer a traditional appearance or a green glass backing. We start with a consultation so we understand your preferences and make designs to suit them. Once you decide on a design, we start fabricating the MyHeriTree. This is not a typical off-the-rack product. We make these as people order them, so you will know your MyHeriTree is truly unique.
  • Excellent for family reunions: If you have a family reunion coming up this summer, prepare a MyHeriTree and give it a surprise reveal party. Your family members will be stunned, and who knows—they may wish to order one, too!

MyHeriTree is an appealing option for genealogy hobbyists everywhere who enjoy discovering their heritage. To order donor recognition trees or a MyHeriTree, contact Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage today. We are with you from consultation to production so you will be satisfied with your product!

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