Consider Custom Bronze Plaques in Glendale, CA for a Variety of Needs

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Looking for a way to commemorate a special occasion or to thank someone for their valuable service? Or, maybe you’re dedicating a new building or looking for quality signage for your business. In these situations, cast bronze plaques are a great option to consider.

Cast bronze plaques are the longest lasting, most durable products used for recognition, commemoration or identification purposes. Here are some common occurrences or events where considering a custom bronze plaque in Glendale, CA is a solid choice:

  • Identification: Are you in need of a sign to place outside your building or office? While going with a brass, wood or other type of sign may be an option you’re thinking about, make sure you take the time to look into the benefits and versatility that come with bronze plaques. For example, cast bronze plaques that feature recessed lettering will last considerably longer than a brass sign that incorporates etching or engraving. When you work with Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage on creating a custom bronze plaque, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of colors that can be added to the plaque. This makes this type of plaque an extremely practical and valuable solution if you are looking to establish or reinforce a corporate identity program.
  • Dedication: Whether you’re dedicating a building, statue or other special item, a custom bronze plaque is a classic, attractive option that will stand the test of time. We can work with you to create a plaque that combines both raised and recessed letters, resulting in a unique finished product. A cast bronze plaque is not only a stylish choice, but also a sensible one. It is not possible for this type of plaque to be destroyed, as it is quite durable, ensuring that graphics or other elements included on the plaque cannot be removed.
  • Commemoration: When you’re on the hunt for an appropriate, high-quality plaque to use for a commemoration, you want a plaque that will last and become a part of the space where it’s displayed. A custom bronze plaque is a terrific option and allows for creativity and flexibility in its design, such as the use of color accents, add-on nameplates or non-traditional sign shapes.
  • Recognition: If you’re looking for a way to thank someone who has gone above and beyond, custom bronze plaques are a great option. These plaques will maintain their high-quality condition for years to come. That’s why traditional war memorials use cast bronze to pay tribute to those who have served in the armed forces. One unique idea is to add a sculpted bas-relief portrait of your honoree. Custom bronze plaques also work well for the purposes of donor recognition. A plaque of this type presents some flexible options, such as adding etched plates to the plaque if you need to include a long list of donors.

Whether you have a vision of what you want or you’re still thinking about the best design for your needs for custom bronze plaques in Glendale, CA, Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage is proud to offer consultation, design and manufacturing services. In addition to plaques, we offer cast ADA signs, donor trees, military seals, cast religious products, memorial urns and more. Call us today!

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