Custom Natural Wood Donor and Recognition Trees

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In the mid-1980’s, Seattle’s Pike Place Market created a donation campaign to raise money to refurbish the famous public market. As recognition for giving, donors could have inscribed recognition tiles placed as part of the walkway. The campaign was so popular, nearly 55,000 people participated, proving how powerful enduring donor recognition can be for people because it gives them a stake in the cause and can serve as a reminder for them of the good feeling they got from helping others as well as an incentive for others to support your organization or cause.

Framed Natural Wood Family Tree

Stories like these inspire us here at Saxton Bronze Architectural Signage. We believe that everything we make for you should contain that same spirit of kindness, giving and recognition that infuses everything you, your donors, team members, employees, or students do. We’ve been crafters and suppliers of bronze memorial and recognition products since 1947.

One of our most popular items has been our beautiful bronze donor recognition trees which are a timeless way to show your enduring gratitude to the people who support your program, cause or facility, and are perfect as the heart of any charity campaign themselves. Just like the floor tiles at Pike Place Market, your organization can have a giving tree where donations above a specified amount can translate into an engraved leaf on the tree.

Over the years these trees have allowed all of us at Saxton Bronze to become a part of your fundraising campaigns. Your passion and lofty endeavors for helping others have inspired our latest creation, a new line of custom donor recognition trees, all carved from natural wood and perfect for use indoors.

Like all our bronze trees, these new custom wood recognition trees allow any organization to recognize donors, or create on-going donation incentives in a creative and artistic medium. Our Natural Wood Donor Trees are professionally made to meet our customers’ needs and specifications at an affordable price. The trunk of the tree is carved natural wood with various thicknesses and custom designed to match any idea.

As with our bronze recognition trees, the leaves for the custom wood donor recognition trees come in choices of brass, copper or nickel silver color on clear or colored acrylic top. The number of leaves on any tree can be expanded from 35 to 450 leaves depending on your needs. You can have donor names engraved on the leaves as lasting recognition for their donation and help.

In addition to the large custom wood trees, our newest line also contains small custom trees, perfect for use by any organization as Perpetual Recognition Awards to recognize employees and volunteers. For ideas on designs for your organization’s campaign, take a look here at our SAXT1 and SAXT2 custom donor recognition trees with carved mahogany trunks.

It’s ok if you’re not artistic, we can design the perfect tree for your cause and within your organization’s budget. Saxton Bronze offers consultation, design, and manufacturing to fit your schedule as well. We know you’ll be just as excited as we are about our new custom wood donor recognition trees. To find out more and to view our entire line of recognition trees and other products visit one of our websites, or

If you have any questions about custom donor trees or want to tell us what you think, leave us a message below or call us today.

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